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We all harbor a deep and in-the-blood longing for the wilds, a humbling thirst for nature-intimacy and embodied spirituality. The feminine aspects of our psyches are nourished by alchemizing movement, the elements, and living ritual, with a pivotal moment arriving in our journeys when the visceral desire for such wild sustenance can no longer be denied. The Witch in everyone knows what it means to come home to the wilds, to seek, find, and remove all obstacles to her ancestral inheritance that is her truest freedom. The contents of these offerings are rooted in my own journey of becoming, the inevitably ever-expanding lens through which I see my world, and I am constantly reflecting and reexamining my beliefs to ensure they remain my own. For now, what I do and do not believe is this: As a teacher, I believe in co-creating the learning experience with those who are drawn to my work. I do not believe in hierarchical leader-follower relationships; these serve no one. I believe in circles of communal magick and embodied power. I do not believe in power over others. I believe in the world-changing merit of a woman’s story, though I do not believe we owe anyone our stories. I believe in the possibility of a more socially just, post-colonial world in which all beings alive today strive to remedy the ills of the past and weave a brighter, bolder fabric from the gifts we have been given. I believe our world can heal, and I believe our planet will forgive us. As a Witch, I believe spirituality to be experienced in the body and on the mother-loving ground. Our abilities to feel, to taste, and to connect to this earthly experience are our greatest assets and truest resources, and to admonish the body, the emotions, and our more primal, human traits is to sever the beauty and the juice from our divinity. We can be compassionate creatures without dismissing our feeling flesh. We can be at once wise and wild, and we can be healers who are still, ourselves, healing our many, many wounds. The programs described herein are all undergirded by the firm belief that we are here, on this Earth and in this incarnation, in order to be the most authentic version of ourselves we can be at all times. We are not here to ascend only toward all-things-spirit. We are here to descend deeply into our selfhood, to claim sovereignty, and to uncover the dirt-laden treasures hidden in the most shadowy caves of our psychic landscapes. If you feel called to dig deep and hand-build bridges between spirit and body, between magick and desire, if you hope to explore, with great curiosity and a good deal of playfulness, how you are an in-the-skin conversation with the Mystery, read on. I believe our Craft, our body prayers, our everyday rituals, and our practical enchantments are integral aspects of how we use our voice, our art, and our physical form to howl moonward the values we hope to see embedded in the world of the future.

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