The Mythic Memoir: An Intensive 13-Week Writing Journey

  • For Holy Heathens. Begins 2/27

    Myth is medicine.


    Completely Online

    When we see through the lens of myth, we see our stories as something far more magickal than a muddled patchwork of memories, wounds, and wants. Suddenly, we see our childhood friend in the face of the fool or hear our beloved grandmother in the voice of the wandering hag. Myth is medicine, and every scar wants a story. To tell your story is to ask to be met in your bone-hut, to name the mundane as magick and the profane as poetry.

    This is a 13-week intensive journey of deep communion with the mythic muse. Participants will frame their personal story of sensual-spiritual-soulful evolution in 13 chapters, writing their memoirs under the Quickening, Storm, and Hawk Moons. Participants will begin by choosing a myth, folk tale, or “wonder story” (fairy tale) that will be their guiding lens while writing their stories. The chosen story will be teacher, and they will allow memory to be the mother of muse. Participants will be given the bare bones of the memoir; these are loose and flexible guidelines, stage-specific writing prompts, and writing rituals that are all invitations more than have-tos (The chosen story is the teacher. Danielle is merely the space-holder).

    Program Structure

    Beginning on the full Quickening Moon of 2/27, participants will receive the memoir’s map in its entirety and begin dedicating two or more hours each week to writing. Each week, we will focus on a single stage in the journey, with Danielle offering an opening ritual, a general (and malleable) structure of the chapter using guiding prompts, and an opportunity to share one’s writing with the group (this is optional and will take place off-Facebook in our virtual community).

    This offering includes 3 community meetings (one per moon), 1 45-minute one-on-one session with Danielle, and a two-day online immersion where participants will be invited (but not pressured) to share parts of their memoir and reflect on the work as a whole.

    The community meetings and online immersion will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. Everything is an invitation.

    Community Meetings:

    February 27th

    11am-12:30pm ET

    The Bone-Hut Chapters: Stories from the Underworld

    March 29th

    11am-12:30pm ET

    The Wonder Chapters: Stories from the Creaturely Realm

    April 26th

    11am-12:30pm ET

    The Moon Chapters: Stories from the Unseen Others

    Online Immersion: May 8th and May 9th 

    (Times TBA)


    If you do not hear back from Danielle in 2 days, please send a follow up email (especially if Mercury is in retrograde). Registration is open now and will remain open until all 21 spaces have filled. 

    Tuition Options

    All fees are non-refundable. If you feel very called toward this offering but cannot afford the full tuition, please email us. We have a limited number of partial scholarships available for this offering. There are NO FULL SCHOLARSHIPS available for this program.

    1 payment of 2200 (save 250)

    1 deposit of 450 then five monthly payments of 400 (January-May 2021)

    Upon registration, you will be added to the community where you have immediate access to these writing workshops (pre-recorded):

    Tongue of the Heathen Poet: A Personal Mythwork, Non-Traditional Business Writing, and Dreamspeak Workshop for Visionaries, Word-Witches, and Storytellers (3 Hours)

    Our Heathen House of Becoming: Word-Witchery, Envisioning, and Personal Mythwork (3 Hours)

    Mythic Writing with Macha and Maeve: Co-Creating with the Archetypes of Embodied Sovereignty, Sacred Appetite, Divine Rage, and Heathen Belonging (3 Hours)

    Heathen Yule: A One-Day Writing Workshop in the Bone-Hut (3.5 Hours)

    Wolf Moon Rites: A One-Day Writing Workshop (3.5 Hours)

    Please know our online community is only VERY loosely facilitated until the course begins in late February.


    I love writing but have never written a thing for public consumption. Is this okay?

    Yes. There is no required “proficiency” level for this offering.

    If I follow the structure, how long will the finished product be?

    About 45K-60K words, but don’t let this scare you.

    Can you help me get published?

    This program is not a promise to get published. Danielle will share what she knows about the world of publishing, proposals, and query letters, but that is absolutely not the focus of this offering.

    My life is bananas. If I am unable to write consistently, will I get booted from the program?

    No, no booting, but it’s good to be realistic about having the estimated 2-hours/week to dedicate to the work.

    I have absolutely no desire to get published or have anyone read anything I write. Is this program for me?

    Yes, this is totally fine. 

    Can I give this as a gift?

    Yes. Please email us to discuss this briefly and make sure it’s a good fit.

    My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

    Email Info@DanielleDulsky.Com. 


  • Hag Ways


    “I haven’t yet found my voice and I am not a writer…. at least that’s what I used to believe. Those were skills belonging to other gifted souls, not ones I yet possessed….or so I thought. Working with Danielle (who I believe is the greatest word witch of my time) and her methodology, I was able to find my voice, bring words to paper and tap into ideas/energies that begged to be shared. Writing for manifestation, gratitude, spellwork and creativity were brought forth from deep within and almost unrecognizable as my own. Her trust, guidance, generosity and acceptance (of you where you are on your journey), made this apprenticeship a bright light in a dark winter, and one my shadow crone will revisit often.”  – Amy A.
    “Danielle’s writing mentorship has been such a gentle and supportive push in the right direction. Her writing prompts and invitations to ritual have helped me to see/feel writing as a process of bringing in Spirit/Inspiration from the beyond and from deep inside myself. They have pushed me deeper and helped be more honest in my writing. The meetings with her are always fun and her incites always surprise and delight me. She meets me right where I am and I so appreciate that. I am excited about my future writing journey and her support and enthusiasm are a big part of that! Also, now I feel writing is part of my own creative ritual, and that feels holy. I strongly recommend her mentorship!”  – Ruchi J.
    “Having Danielle as a mentor for the writing apprenticeship has been unparalleled to any other creative experience. Her guidance in the ritual and craft of writing has helped to hone in my voice, give inspiration for discipline rather than an ordinary day to day routine and allowed an authenticity to spark. Danielle has a gift as a teacher and the way she so humbly offers herself as a guide on this path.”  – Megan L.
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