Writing Mentorship

  • 2020

    Words are spells. Story is medicine.

    Hag Ways Writing Mentorship (Registration is Closed)

    Completely Online + Optional In-Person Immersion at The Moon House

    6 Months, 6 Participants

    To write a story is to engage in a dream-weaving of experience with prophecy, of the earthly with the ethereal. To tell a story is to invite the wild-hearts to meet you at that radical edge between where your words end and their own ceremony-of-listening begins, surrendering your own mythic interpretations of meaning to their assessments which are, after all, quite out of your control.

    There are 6 spaces open in this program. In this mentorship, Danielle will work with you on honing the craft of writing and word-witchery, developing a ritual practice of writing, and creating a single project; early on in the program, participants will be asked to choose and begin honing their larger project. This can be a book (fiction or non-fiction), memoir, personal myth, series of articles, Book of Shadows, family legacy journal, oracle deck, or any other project the participant feels passionate about and committed to crafting over the 6-month duration of the program. 

    Mentorship Structure This is a 6-month mentorship running from Summer Solstice through Winter Solstice 2020 that is largely grounded in one-on-one online writing mentorship with Danielle. Because Witchcraft is woven into all of Danielle’s teachings, there is discussion of altar-building, spell-work, and energy-raising. However, this is largely a writing-focused program. Those interested more in Witchcraft than writing might consider Danielle’s apprenticeship program.

    Beginning in May, participants will receive an invitation to our online (off-Facebook) community space where all course materials are posted (these include recommended writing rituals, reading lists, audio files of ceremonial storytelling and meditations, and scheduling links).

    Danielle will lead an introductory online meeting in June (attendance is encouraged but optional. If you are unable to attend live, the recording will be posted in our online community). 

    Participants should plan to spend approximately 5-7 hours each month writing, though this can be scheduled however the participant wishes, and there will be a monthly invitation to share writing and exchange stories on our online (off-Facebook) community space. Importantly, you must be self-motivated enough to write in between the one-on-one sessions.

    One-on-one sessions with Danielle will be scheduled approximately every 6 weeks (there are 6 one-on-one, 90-minute sessions included in the program). Scheduling is flexible with weekend and weeknight options available. All sessions are recorded for the participant.

    There is an optional, in-person weekend immersion included in the cost of the tuition on October 9th-11th at Danielle’s home studio in Phoenixville, PA. Attendance is encouraged but not required. This is a non-residential immersion, and accommodations are not included. A vegetarian lunch is included on Saturday and Sunday, and there is an adorable dog and cat on the premises (They are not allowed in the primary meeting space, but if you are highly allergic, the immersion will likely not be accessible for you). More details on the immersion will be discussed during the introductory meeting.

    To Apply

    Interested participants should email Info@DanielleDulsky.Com and answer the following question:

    Why are you feeling called to this program?

    If you do not hear back from Danielle in 3 days, please send a follow up email (especially if Mercury is in retrograde). Registration is open now and will remain open until all 6 spaces have filled. 

    Mentorship Tuition Options

    All fees are non-refundable.

    1 Payment of 3300 or

    3 Payments of 1200 (3600) or

    1 (Non-Refundable) Deposit of $400 then 7 monthly payments of $500 beginning 3/1/2019 and ending 9/1/2020 (3900)


    I am already working on a larger project. Can I apply the program’s content to this existing project?

    Yes, and this is particularly encouraged if the project is in its earlier stages.

    Can you help me get published?

    This program is not a promise to get published. Danielle will share what she knows about the world of publishing, proposals, and query letters, but there are absolutely no guarantees.

    I love writing but have never written a thing for public consumption. Is this okay?

    Yes, and Danielle can assist in surmounting some of the trepidation associated with building an online presence if this is what are looking to do.

    My life is bananas. If I am unable to write consistently, will I get booted from the program?


    I have absolutely no desire to get published or have anyone read anything I write. Is this program for me?

    Yes, this is totally fine. The program is focused primarily on the craft of writing and the shaping of a larger project and not solely on public perception and professional practices. 

    My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

    Email Info@DanielleDulsky.Com. 


  • Hag Ways


    “I haven’t yet found my voice and I am not a writer…. at least that’s what I used to believe. Those were skills belonging to other gifted souls, not ones I yet possessed….or so I thought. Working with Danielle (who I believe is the greatest word witch of my time) and her methodology, I was able to find my voice, bring words to paper and tap into ideas/energies that begged to be shared. Writing for manifestation, gratitude, spellwork and creativity were brought forth from deep within and almost unrecognizable as my own. Her trust, guidance, generosity and acceptance (of you where you are on your journey), made this apprenticeship a bright light in a dark winter, and one my shadow crone will revisit often.”  – Amy A.
    “Danielle’s writing mentorship has been such a gentle and supportive push in the right direction. Her writing prompts and invitations to ritual have helped me to see/feel writing as a process of bringing in Spirit/Inspiration from the beyond and from deep inside myself. They have pushed me deeper and helped be more honest in my writing. The meetings with her are always fun and her incites always surprise and delight me. She meets me right where I am and I so appreciate that. I am excited about my future writing journey and her support and enthusiasm are a big part of that! Also, now I feel writing is part of my own creative ritual, and that feels holy. I strongly recommend her mentorship!”  – Ruchi J.
    “Having Danielle as a mentor for the writing apprenticeship has been unparalleled to any other creative experience. Her guidance in the ritual and craft of writing has helped to hone in my voice, give inspiration for discipline rather than an ordinary day to day routine and allowed an authenticity to spark. Danielle has a gift as a teacher and the way she so humbly offers herself as a guide on this path.”  – Megan L.
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