Hag Ways Ceremonial Storytelling and Writing Mentorship

  • Opening 2019

    Words are spells. Story is medicine.

    Hag Ways Ceremonial Storytelling and Wild Writing Mentorship

    Completely Online + Optional In-Person Immersion at The Moon House

    To write a story is to engage in a dream-weaving of experience with prophecy, of the earthly with the ethereal. To tell a story is to invite the wild-hearts to meet you at that radical edge between where your words end and their own ceremony-of-listening begins, surrendering your own mythic interpretations of meaning to their assessments which are, after all, quite out of your control. In this mentorship, Danielle will walk alongside you as you write, ideally integrating a ritual of writing into your regular soulful practice. In addition to the writing component, the mentorship includes an invitation to structure stories as rituals, leaving intentional space for the listener to participate in the story in various ways, developing a kinship with the characters’ journey. Aligning such stories with the seasons permits the muse to enter and dance, with a further depth to story added by the teller’s experience. No one shares a story in quite the same way, and this work is adaptable to various intents, including for use in healers’ work and for personal practice.

    Mentorship Structure This is a 9-month mentorship running through the fertile writing seasons of Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Registration opens on Imbolc, February 2nd of 2019, with the mentorship beginning under October’s Blood Moon. The 13 participants will receive a packet of information during the last days of September, with the weekly practices beginning under the new Blood Moon.

    Participants should plan to spend approximately 5-7 hours each month writing, though this can be scheduled however the participant wishes, and there will be a monthly invitation to share writing and exchange stories in an online meeting format (this is an encouraged but not a required component).

    Participants will receive and be invited to learn and share the “Nine Wild Stories,” tales written by Danielle that align with the seasons and can be shared in group environments for catalyzing inquiry, integration in ritual, circle-work, and other purposes that suit the participants’ vision. Every three moons, participants will “meet” with Danielle online for 90 minutes and share their stories and writing experiences, asking questions and honing their practice. While some of the methodology used in the apprenticeship is also integrated into the storytelling mentorship, in particular altar-building and embodiment, the mentorship is specifically crafted around writing and storytelling.

    Interested participants should email Info@DanielleDulsky and request a registration packet, reading the frequently asked questions before applying. This is not a promise to get published; it is an invitation to engage more fully with writing and storytelling that is sensual in nature and born of a deeper kinship with the wilds.

    Mentorship Tuition Options

    1 Payment of 3300 or 3 Payments of 1200 (3600) or 1 (Non-Refundable) Deposit of $400 then 9 monthly payments of $400 beginning 7/1/2019 and ending 3/1/2020 (4000)

    One optional immersion at The Moon House in Phoenixville, PA is included in the cost of tuition. This is a Friday evening then two full days on Saturday and Sunday dedicated to ceremonial storytelling with Danielle. Accommodations are not included, but there are dozens of Air BnBs within walking distance to The Moon House. More information on this weekend is available in the registration packet, and the anticipated dates are May 15th-17th, 2020.

    Registration Details If this work calls to you, please email Info@DanielleDulsky.Com to request a registration packet.

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