Book of Shadows & Fire: Crafting a Legacy Grimoire for Poets, Witches, and Seers

  • A One-Day (Virtual) Event


    ~ Registration is Closed for this Event ~

    When deep winter marks our dreams with frost, cobwebs, and mist-filled roads, we become present to a numinous longing we cannot name. We wish to gather and gift our many wisdoms, visions, and secrets. We wish to brew an essential medicine and spoon-feed it to the innocent we used to be. We want to wrap our memories together with our magick, tie the bundle with twine, and leave this strange, selfish treasure in some forbidden forest where a hungry ghost will devour our legacy. When deep winter calls, it is time to take stock.

    In this one-day, three-part, virtual event, participants will create their own “Book of Shadows and Fire,” a book that will become part legacy and part seer’s map for 2022. This is a life-scape book of spells, dream symbols, lessons learned from our land and water teachers, and guiding mythologies to be lovingly nested within any witch, poet, seer, or maker’s toolbox. Danielle, author of The Holy Wild and Seasons of Moon and Flame, will guide participants in harvesting the moon-by-moon imagery, altar-scapes, fairy tales and wonder stories, and other correspondences integral to this personal grimoire through pathworking experiences, word-witchery, visualization, and simple scrying practices.

    You may join the sessions live, view the recordings later, or both. All times listed are in ET, and all three classes will take place on Saturday, February 5th.

    Schedule of Events

    10am-11:30am ET:: The Book of Winter: Winter Divination and Dreaming in Darkness

    In the first session, participants will work with the old healer-hag of winter as muse and create Part I of their grimoire. Through guided pathworking experiences, participants will find their sacred symbols for the first moons of the year, both divining and recalling their essential winter memories, harvesting any old poetry or journal entries that want to be included, and stitching together their winter book from a series of strange invitations and the “core spells” for winter.

    12pm-1:30pm ET:: The Books of Spring and Summer: Seed-Planting and Manifesting in Mayhem

    In the second session, participants will work with the archetypes of the Innocent and the Lover to create Parts II and III of their grimoire. Danielle will offer the “core spells” for both spring and summer to be woven together with the participants’ own symbols, sigils, and poetry for the warmer, longer days.

    2pm-3:30pm ET:: The Book of Autumn: Protection and Prophecy

    In the third session, participants will work with the archetype of the Rebel to create the fourth and final part of their grimoire. The “core spells” for banishing and protection will be stitched together with the participants’ own memories named as muse, word-witchery, altar-scapes, and ancestral communion experiences.

    An optional sharing circle will take place from 3:30pm-4pm ET. Live participants can choose to stay on for this extended portion of the program (the sharing circle will not be recorded).

    Recommended Materials

    All participants will be invited to print the Book of Shadows and Fire template if they are creating a tangible, physical version of their book (recommended) OR you can also opt to simply type into the template and create a digital version of your Book of Shadows and Fire.

    In addition to the template, you may also want to have the materials from the following options on hand:

    Option I (For those who see beauty in chaos): A blank sketchbook that is ideally spiral bound (so any “oops” pages can be easily removed) + one good marker or ink pen (plus maybe at least one back-up) + crayons/colored pencils/chalk pastels + either ink stamps and/or stickers + glue stick

    Note that this option is a bit dreamier. If you like art journaling and/or collage work, then choose this option. You will just need to either transcribe the template or cut pieces from the template to glue them into your sketchbook.

    Option II (For those who prefer clean lines, find structure sexy, and/or fear commitment): A three-ring binder, about 10-20 blank pages (in addition to the printed template, three-hole punched to fit inside the binder, the thicker the better) + one good marker or ink pen (plus maybe at least one back-up) + crayons/colored pencils/chalk pastels + either an ink stamp OR stickers

    Note that this option will be a bit easier to work with than the first option and also allows for new pages to be inserted or removed as needed. But, you know, it’s not quite as glamorous as those bejeweled-covered sketchbooks.

    Option III (For those who don’t get turned on by a new box of crayons and want this to be as simple as possible): Just have the template printed or open on your computer during the class. You can always translate the work to either of the other two options later.


    The two-day, four-part workshop is $333. Space is very limited. There are NO REFUNDS for any reason. You will receive a link to the portal page and be able to access the Book of Shadows and Fire template on 1/25. If you are unable to join the class live, all recordings from the three sessions will be posted on the portal page by the evening of 2/5. You will have access to all materials and recordings for three years or you can download them and keep them forever.

    ~ Registration Is Closed for this Event ~

    The email invitation to the course portal will be sent on 1/25. If you don’t receive it by 1/26, please check your spam folder then email us at TheHagSchool@Gmail.Com. Unless the event is canceled by us, there are no refunds for any reason.


    Q. I do not consider myself a writer or an artist. Can I still do this?

    A. Absolutely. All are welcome. There will be many levels of expression offered for those who don’t consider themselves “artsy.”

    Q. I prefer to make my book digitally. Can I do this?

    A. Yes, you will have the template and be able to just type inside the template if you have access to and are moderately handy with MS Word.

    Q. I’m shy. Will I have to speak out loud or share?

    A. No. There will be an optional sharing circle at the end of the final workshop as noted above. Beyond that, there will be a few invitations to share your experience but it is absolutely not mandatory.

    Q. I can only make (x number) of the classes live. Is that ok?

    A. Yes, you can as many as you like live or watch them later as recordings. You will have access to the recordings no matter what.

    Q. I’m not very techie. How tech-savvy do I need to be to participate?

    A. Not very. The sessions are offered through Zoom. You will simply click a link to join and enter the secret password.

    Q. Can you help me publish my book once it’s finished?

    A. Not in this particular class. If you are interested in traditional publishing, consider the longer writing intensives offered three times each year.

    Q. Will you do this again?

    A. I don’t answer this question. It’s my New Year’s Resolution (but I have no plans to do this again).

    Q. My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

    A. Email us at Info@DanielleDulsky.Com


    *If you feel very called to join but cannot afford the $333, please email us at Info@DanielleDulsky.Com

    ** The email will be sent to the email address you enter at registration. We are NOT responsible for bizarre cyber events that keep an email from arriving and/or getting opened. You are responsible for reaching out to us no later than 2/4 if you do not receive the email and wish to join us live.



    “Danielle’s memoir writing offering is a sacred gift for wild creatures with a story to tell. Danielle holds a safe, succulent container for untamed witches to find their voices, mine their truths, and write the long kept stories of their wild souls by way of guided visualization, spirit pathworking prompts, and communal witnessing. Memoir writing in this way is delicious, deep, and satisfying work held by Danielle’s exceptional witchy word magic and expertise.” ~ Heather D.

    I haven’t yet found my voice and I am not a writer…. at least that’s what I used to believe. Those were skills belonging to other gifted souls, not ones I yet possessed….or so I thought. Working with Danielle (who I believe is the greatest word witch of my time) and her methodology, I was able to find my voice, bring words to paper and tap into ideas/energies that begged to be shared. Writing for manifestation, gratitude, spellwork and creativity were brought forth from deep within and almost unrecognizable as my own. Her trust, guidance, generosity and acceptance (of you where you are on your journey), made this apprenticeship a bright light in a dark winter, and one my shadow crone will revisit often.”  – Amy A.
    “Danielle’s writing mentorship has been such a gentle and supportive push in the right direction. Her writing prompts and invitations to ritual have helped me to see/feel writing as a process of bringing in Spirit/Inspiration from the beyond and from deep inside myself. They have pushed me deeper and helped be more honest in my writing. The meetings with her are always fun and her incites always surprise and delight me. She meets me right where I am and I so appreciate that. I am excited about my future writing journey and her support and enthusiasm are a big part of that! Also, now I feel writing is part of my own creative ritual, and that feels holy. I strongly recommend her mentorship!”  – Ruchi J.
    “Having Danielle as a mentor for the writing apprenticeship has been unparalleled to any other creative experience. Her guidance in the ritual and craft of writing has helped to hone in my voice, give inspiration for discipline rather than an ordinary day to day routine and allowed an authenticity to spark. Danielle has a gift as a teacher and the way she so humbly offers herself as a guide on this path.”  – Megan L.


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