Mythic Vision Readings: Personalized Seer-Work and Strange Illuminations

  • 2023

    These are the days of the bone-gatherers. Beneath these heathen moons, we see what we must see. We know what we must know. We are who we must be.

    I am offering a limited number (30) of personalized, archetypal story readings during the nine weeks between equinox and solstice. These are strange illuminations, starlight-and-ivy weavings of oracular poetry, wild divination, visual art, and fairy tale seership rooted in the querant’s answers to the three “fire questions” and an archetypal tarot reading.

    Some Details

    There are 30 available. This page will be marked “Sold Out” once all readings have been purchased. You will receive:

    • A photo of your “mythic image” drawing or painting
    • A 20-30 minute audio recording of your reading
    • A personalized list of 23 card titles and instructions for creating your own oracle deck based on the messages that come through in the reading
    • Recommendations for working with your core, mythic image in your spiritual practice (whatever that might be)
    • A recommended “story lantern” and accompanying spell for guiding the way forward.

    Readings will be sent on a rolling basis between 3/20 and 6/20 in the order they were purchased. In most cases, you should receive your reading within two weeks following your purchase.

    How to Purchase

    Mythic Vision Readings are $333. Upon purchase, you will be asked three, quick questions to support the reading; these questions are essentially about your archetypal orientation and your goals for the reading. They are optional. If you do not wish to answer the questions for any reason, you are welcome to leave them blank.

    ~ Click Here to Purchase Your Reading ~

    There are no refunds for any reason. Be sure to enter your email correctly when you purchase; this is where your reading will be sent. If you do not receive your reading in two weeks after your purchase, email [email protected].


    Q. I’m not techie. How is the reading sent?

    A. You don’t need to be very techie. You will receive an email with a link to a “Dropbox” file. You will simply click the link and find all the things.

    Q. I purchased a “Yuletide Prophecy” reading in November/December of 2022. How is this different?

    A. The Yuletide Prophecies were a moon-by-moon reading for 2023 (I only do these once per year, only in December). The Mythic Vision readings have a broader “life path” perspective based on the archetypes and images that emerge from the oracles and are not necessarily based in this current year. If you want your reading to be more timely and immediate, note this in your answers to the “Fire Questions.” In these readings, I am also integrating visual art in the seership and focused on providing meaningful tools to the querant.

    Q. Will I be able to ask questions for clarification after I receive my reading?

    A. Yes, you are able to send Danielle one follow-up email asking for clarification.

    Q. Can I purchase the original art piece that is my “mythic image?”

    A. Maybe. Once you receive your reading, if you’d like to purchase the mythic image, reach out. Note that not all of these are “beautiful” because of the seership process, so it’s best to wait to receive the photo before deciding.

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