The Slow-Brewed Bone Book: A Writing Program for Witches, Seer-Poets, and Storytellers


Completely Online, Completely Self-Paced

Some books are meant to be slow-cooked, simmered in those ‘twixt and ‘tween moments when life grants us a poetic pause amidst the mayhem. A “bone book” is born from our lived-out-loud experiences, from quietly gathered and tested-by-time wisdoms, midnight epiphanies, and our many underworld journeys.

Sometimes, the fleshing out takes time. Sometimes, howling skin onto the bones of our art requires our voices to rest in cycles. Naming what we know to be true requires an ebb and a flow, a spiraling toward and away from the page. Even so, should we finish the dance, we see what wisdoms we have gathered as holy. We see our stories as personal myths, and we sense we have been in deep communion with “the word that wants to be written,” with the very spirit of our book of bones.

This is a self-paced, slow-study program. Participants will create, plan, and write their own “bone book,” a soul-crafted book of gathered wisdoms, peculiar poetry, and ceremonial invitations to their readers. The non-fiction book might be part grimoire, part memoir, and part bible. Every participant’s book will be unique, tailored to the lived story and specific medicine each writer has to offer. The twenty-one lessons will guide participants through the mapping of a non-fiction book, meet with participants individually to tailor the “writer’s toolbox” to their needs, and offer support in writing and querying a non-fiction book proposal if so desired.

Self-Paced Program Structure

The structure of “the slow-brewed bone book” differs considerably from the 9-15 week writing intensives. This is a self-paced program and will work best for those who can give themselves their own deadlines and prefer a self-designed schedule. Each participant will choose when this journey begins and ends. There are NO community meetings or weekend immersions; if you are interested in more of a communal atmosphere and live, group meetings, click here and consider applying for the Book of Bone and Ash program.

Upon registration, participants will have full access to all materials, including all 21 lessons in the program, the invitation to schedule two one-on-one sessions with Danielle, and the Bone Book Library which includes 10 previously recorded writing courses (over 45 hours of teaching) with Danielle (see complete list below), writing exercises and rituals, and substantial information on traditional publication.

Each lesson focuses on a single stage in the write-a-book journey, usually including a writing ritual, general writing tips and prompts, and recommendations on how to remain in communion with the “spirit of the word that wants to be written.” Most lessons include an audio tutorial, require 2-5 hours of writing time, and they could be finished weekly, monthly, or even seasonally if need be. You are able to book up to two one-on-one sessions with Danielle as part of the program, and these sessions include an invitation to send her writing for feedback if you wish. If the writer so chooses, Danielle will also do a divinatory reading for the project and/or the participant during the one-on-one sessions.

Program Structure:
Part I: Bone-Gathering~ The seven lessons in the foundational “bone-gathering” part of the program invite the participant to map their book, find their writer’s voice (or voices), and write the introduction, sample chapter, and annotated table of contents of their bone book. The audio tutorials, pathworking experiences, recommended writing rituals, and writing practices all support the beginnings of crafting a non-fiction book rooted in the writer’s deepest values and core currencies.
Part II: Howling the Flesh ~ The seven lessons in part II guide the writer toward considering traditional publication, honing the dance between spiraling toward and away (or intuitive writing and editing), completing all parts of a non-fiction book proposal, and managing key challenges and opportunities that often present themselves at this stage. The lessons in Part II all support moving the writer from creative chaos to birth.
Part III: The Dancing Bones ~ The final seven lessons in Part III of the program focus on tending to the book’s completion, letting the book be witnessed, and, if the participant chooses, querying agents and/or publishers. The lessons in Part III of the program support the writer in what is often the most difficult stage of book-writing, as the author holds the tension between grief and gratitude. Part III concludes with discussion on applying the same process to future books, as many discover their “bones” have given birth to another book along the way.
One-on-One Sessions
Program participants are welcome to book the two 60-minute sessions with Danielle anytime as they move through the program. She will only read writing in preparation for a one-on-one session. In 2023, appointment windows will be open in the following months: March, April, May, August, September, October, and November. Appointment options will continue through 2024. Note that if you choose the payment plan option, the program must be paid in full before any appointments can be booked. Appointments are usually available Tuesday-Friday between 10am ET and 3pm ET beginning March 2023.


There is no application required for this offering. Upon registration, you will receive an invitation via email from “Basecamp” that will bring you to the course platform. Please note we send these invitations manually, and it will sometimes (though rarely) require up to 12 hours before you receive the invitation. You will have full access to all parts of the course and be welcome to move through each lesson at your own pace.

Tuition Options

1 payment of 1500 (saves $250)



5 payments of $350


Please note that all fees are non-refundable. If you choose the payment plan option, you will be asked to sign an agreement upon making your first payment. The first payment will be charged upon registration and the subsequent four payments will be charged monthly on the same date until the tuition is paid in full. Tuition must be paid in full before the one-on-one sessions can be booked. We ask those who require a payment plan to understand we are a small business and are only able to offer payment plans when they are fulfilled as agreed.

Please read our complete policies here.

Immediate Access to These Courses Upon Registration: 

~ Tongue of the Heathen Poet: A Personal Mythwork, Non-Traditional Business Writing, and Dreamspeak Workshop for Visionaries, Word-Witches, and Storytellers (3 Hours)

~ Our Heathen House of Becoming: Word-Witchery, Envisioning, and Personal Mythwork (3 Hours)

~ Mythic Writing with Macha and Maeve: Co-Creating with the Archetypes of Embodied Sovereignty, Sacred Appetite, Divine Rage, and Heathen Belonging (3 Hours)

~ Heathen Yule: A One-Day Writing Workshop in the Bone-Hut (3.5 Hours)

~ Wolf Moon Rites: A One-Day Writing Workshop (3.5 Hours)

~ The Selkie’s Homecoming: A One-Day Writing Intensive (3.5 Hours)

~ Honey-Tongue of the Bone Hag: The Lost Art of Ceremonial Storytelling (7 Hours)

~ The Oracle of Ghosts: Divination in Darkness for Witches and Dreamers (6.5 Hours)

~ The Oracle of Bones: Initiation and Divination in Wild Times (5 Hours)

~ Witching the Word: Where Writing Meets Witchcraft (6.5 Hours)


I love writing but have never written a thing for public consumption. Is this okay?

Yes. There is no required “proficiency” level for this offering.

Can you help me get published?

This program is not a promise to get published, but, yes, Danielle will share what she knows about the world of publishing, proposals, and query letters. This can be at the heart of the one-on-one sessions if so desired.

How long will I have access to the course information?

At least 2 years, likely longer.

I’ve already started writing a book. Can I continue my existing project through this program?

Yes! This usually works very well.

What if I want to book another session after I’ve already met with Danielle twice?

We may have supplemental sessions available for purchase beginning in late-summer 2023. Stay tuned.

Will I be able to interact with the other participants?

There is an informal “chat” space on our course platform for sharing and commiserating, but those looking for a writing community should consider the Book of Bone and Ash program.

What is the difference between this program and the 9-15 week writing intensives?

This program is a self-paced program and will work best for those who can give themselves their own deadlines and do not desire the support of a writing community at this time. The writing intensives such as The Book of Bone and Ash include weekly assignments, weekly check-ins, community meetings, a weekend immersion, and invitations to have a writing partner. The Slow-Brewed Bone Book is much more solitary and the schedule is self-designed. Both programs include two one-on-one sessions with Danielle.

My life is bananas. If I am unable to write consistently, will I get booted from the program?

No, no booting. This program was created precisely for those who cannot predictably devote 2-3 hours each week to writing.

I am writing a fiction book or memoir, is this program for me?

Most of the information in the program is focused on traditional publication of a non-fiction book. There are important differences between publishing a traditional non-fiction book, fiction, and a memoir. If you choose to purchase this program but are not writing a traditional non-fiction book, it is recommended you book your first one-on-one session with Danielle sooner than later so these differences can be named and managed.

I am interested in self-publishing and not traditional publishing. Can this program work for me?

This program focuses on creating a non-fiction book proposal for querying agents and pursuing traditional publication. If you are certain traditional publication is not for you, you can still apply much of the information in the program to writing a non-fiction book. Danielle does not offer specific resources for self-publishing, however (these are widely available).

I have absolutely no desire to get published or have anyone read anything I write. Is this program for me?

Yes, this is totally fine.

Can I give this as a gift?

Maybe. Please email us to discuss this briefly and make sure it’s a good fit.

My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

Email [email protected]

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