Witching the Work in Autumn: One-On-One Sessions with Danielle


September-November 2024


As the hallowed ground shifts and shakes underfoot, we hone our night vision. We stay a step ahead, whispering our soul-song into the shadows and taking stock of our wounds and wants, our joys and sorrows. These are the haunted evenings when our many ghosts haunt the otherworldly road, when the tried and true path no longer makes sense. Here, we burn our maps and call the old ones close. Here, we witch the work.

Between Equinox and Samhain, Danielle is offering a package of one-on-one sessions for witches, healers, writers, and circle-workers who are sensing a new orientation as this strange year crawls into its death bed. This is (very, very) non-traditional business coaching, birthed from Danielle’s work as the founder of the successful Hag School. Over the course of 3 60-minute sessions, Danielle will offer guidance in wedding witchcraft, story, and sacred work.

Session I: Opening the Way

Initiation means “to begin.” The first session focuses on finding and naming the participant’s “personal myth” and includes a tarot reading, soul-skill inventory, and ancestral resourcing practice. Discussion includes where you’ve been and where you’re going, dreams, synchronicities, and “cosmic nods” about the coming year. Most importantly, the first session alchemizes “longing” into “desire.” Topics might include course design, virtual offerings, real-life ritual programs, trainings, circle-work, and other potential manifestations of “the container” for one’s sacred work. Participants will co-create an initiation ritual to support their guiding archetypes and set clear goals for “witching the work” under the Blood Moon.

Note: There is some interim work between sessions I and II, but Danielle will ensure this work suits the landscape of the participant’s life well and aligns with their existing practices and traditions.

Session II: Waking the Fire-Tender

At equinox, we hold the tension of light and shadow in balance. We seek the heat, and we wake the inner fire-tender. During the second session, we focus on the “witch’s proof” and co-create a spell for the participant’s desired manifestation of their sacred work. Discussion includes naming clear intentions, disturbing the old and outmoded belief patterns, and stinging the wisest desire alive. Danielle will offer participants key practices and tools they can continue to use in their work and art, including time-weaving, personal oracle work, and more.

Note: As before, there will be interim work between sessions II and III, all in preparation for our final session.

Session III: Witching the Work

The third session is highly tailored to each participant. We will take stock of the work thus far and prepare for what comes as the solstice comes creeping. We end our time together by revisiting the personal myth named in the first session, addressing any remaining or arising questions, and co-creating a final ritual for celebrating the “ever-after.”

Registration Information (Please Read In Full Before Purchasing):

There are 9 spaces available in “Witching the Work.” This page will be marked “sold out” once they are gone. Upon registration, you will receive a link via email to book your three sessions anytime between mid-September and mid-December. SESSIONS ARE TYPICALLY AVAILABLE TUESDAY-THURSDAY BETWEEN 11AM ET AND 3PM ET. Please make sure this works for your schedule. You do not need to book your sessions immediately, but all three sessions must be booked before October 15th, 2024.

Danielle will reach out personally to those who purchase sometime in early September to ask some introductory questions and begin preparing for our time together.

If you do not receive the link to book your session after your purchase, please check your spam (1) then email [email protected] (2) with “Witching the Work” in the subject line.

“Witching the Work” is $900 for all three sessions. At this time, there are no installment agreements available due to the scheduling structure.


Note there are no refunds for any reason.


Q. I am writing a book. Is this the same as the book coaching you offer?

A. While this offering can include discussion on writing and publishing, the Witching the Book Coaching offering is more suitable to those focused on writing a book and wanting one-on-one support. This offering does not allow for reading/editing writing.

Q. What if I have to cancel my session?

A. Life happens, but all sessions must be booked by October 15th. If you cancel a session after October 15th, you will not be able to reschedule it until Spring of 2024. I won’t be doing any one-on-one sessions between mid-December and mid-February.

Q. Will you do this again?

A. I don’t know.

Q. My life is bananas. How much interim “homework” is there?

A. We will figure this out together. Don’t worry.

Q. I don’t really identify as a Witch. Do I need a certain level of foundational witchcraft knowledge to do this?

A. No. We will make sure the spells and rituals are as simple as they need to be. You won’t be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with or that misaligns with your tradition.

Q. My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

A. Email [email protected] and put “Witching the Work” in the subject line. Please allow a few days for a response.

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