Yuletide Prophecies 2023: Personalized Readings of Poetry and Divination-in-Darkness



The original gift of Yuletide was prophecy. At Solstice, we divine in the darkness. We invite our oracular dreams to participate in our lived experience, and we hear the songs of the Otherworld. Here, we see what we must see.

Beneath the Long Night’s Moon, I am offering a limited number (25) of personalized readings for 2023. Please read all the details here before purchasing.

Included in the Reading:

  • You will receive a 15-25 minute audio recording of key themes emerging from my three, primary oracles for you, for each of the 13 moons in 2023. Each month will have a message from the ogham, the tarot, and my personal wild divination bundle, braided together and interpreted by me.
  • Based on these themes, you will receive a written offering of divinatory poetry. These oracular poems are all unique to the querant and written only for you. Some will be long. Some will be short. All will be strange.
  • You will also receive a guiding incantation to repeat and resource you for the longest nights.

How to Purchase 

  1. This offering is $225. There are no refunds for any reason. We are sold-out as of 11/16/22.
  2. If you are purchasing on or after November 16th, you will simply fill out the form with the email address you would like your reading sent to (1) and up to three questions or life areas to focus on (2) at the time of purchase. If you purchased before November 10th, you have until December 5th to email me at [email protected] with up to three questions or life areas you’d like me to focus on during the reading. Please put Yuletide Prophecies in the subject line.
  3. You will receive your reading via email before December 15th, 2022. If anything in the reading feels unclear, you can email me ONCE before 12/20 with any clarifying questions, and I will send a quick voicenote.

FAQs (Please Read):

Q. Will you do this again?

A. I only offer these readings at Yule, so not again until next year.

Q. Can I purchase these for friends?

A. Yes, as long as you are sure they will be open to such a thing. It can sometimes get sticky.

Q. Can I have a picture of the oracles?

A. No, but you’ll have the ogham names so you can see what those symbols are for each of the 13 months. I don’t take pictures of my tarot cards or wild divination bundle.

Q. Can I share my poem or incantation?

A. Share away! Just please don’t sell it. If you’re putting it on some of your art that you sell, just email me so we can discuss the details. In most cases, this is fine with me.

Q. What if I purchased but didn’t receive my reading?

A. If you don’t receive your reading by 12/17, email [email protected] AND [email protected] in case there’s a strange email glitch that’s interrupting communication.

Q. My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

A. Email [email protected]

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