Ghosts of Yule: Vision Bundles, Seer’s Charms, and Oracular Storytelling for the Longest Night


December 16th, 2023

When the shadows of late autumn come for us, our memories become muse. When the nights stretch so long they begin to swallow all certainty, we seek out the knowing oracle. We name the old stories teacher. We call the wolves and listen for the bone-woman’s song. We invoke a radical trust in the language of the strange- the dream-speak and the crow-song, and we learn to better see in the dark.

In this one-day, three-part event, participants will create their personal oracle decks for this year some may call “2024” along with their own “Book of Visions” for the coming year, a bundle of personalized prophecies divined through story, seership practices, and charm-crafting. Danielle will guide participants through oracular story-work, inviting them to both see and script the soon-to-be chapters in their lived-out-loud stories, their personal myths of shapeshifting, flame-tending, and homecoming. Naming three Yuletide stories as muse, the work includes simple scrying practices, sigil work, pathworking, charm-writing, and the creation of a potent “13 Days of Yule” practice. We will also name prophecies as the original gift of Yule and shape visions for our loved ones and the world.

Space is limited for this offering. You do not need to identify as a writer or witch to take part; we are all poets, after all. You are welcome to join us live or listen to the recordings later. All recordings will be available in our classroom portal for one-year following the event, or you can download them and keep them forever and ever.

December 16th

10am-11:15am ET:: The Seer’s Shadow

During our introductory session, Danielle will share our first “story lantern,” our guiding tale that will grant an ice-and-frost foundation to our work. Participants will work with their own memories as muse, naming mythic images from the tale as teacher, and invite their vision bundle to take shape. Danielle will share and unpack a seership formula for divining in darkness, for communing with the wild unseen on the longest nights, and participants will see and script three personal visions for the coming year.

11:30am-12:45pm ET:: The Seer’s Gift

In the second session, participants will learn formulas for charm-writing and amplified sigil work, working with our second, guiding story and naming it gift. Participants will consider letting the story be both prophecy and “present,” crafting a vision for a loved one and adding this seer’s gift to their bundle. Danielle will also share tools for gifting sigils, charms, and visions, and participants will begin to craft their personal oracle deck for this year some will call “2024.”

1pm-2:30pm ET:: Ghosts of Yule

In the third session and final session, participants will complete their “Book of Visions,” their seer’s bundle, for themselves, their beloved dead, their loved ones, and the world. Danielle will share our third story and invite participants to make the story their own, to stitch together their own “13 Days of Yule” practice, as the new and wild year comes creeping. We will complete and consecrate our oracle decks, sensing their potency and divining the first messages from this personal system of divination. We will end our time together with an optional sharing circle, invitations for moving forward with and amplifying the work, and honing our night-vision.


The full workshop is $225. Space is limited, and registration will close once all spots have filled. Note there are NO REFUNDS for any reason. You will receive a link to the portal page and be able to access a materials list and the event links on December 12th. If you are unable to join the class live on December 16th, all recordings from the sessions will be posted on the portal page by 5pm ET that evening. You will have access to all materials and recordings for one year or you can download them and keep them forever.

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You will receive confirmation of your registration and an immediate invite to our course portal after you sign up. A reminder invitation to the course portal will be sent on the new moon of 12/12. If you register but do not receive the portal invitation, please check your spam folder then email us at [email protected]. Unless the event is canceled by us, there are no refunds for any reason. You are responsible for reaching out to us by 12/14 if you do not receive the email due to an unforeseen tech-hiccup and wish to join live. Please read our complete policies here.


Q. I do not consider myself a writer or a witch. Can I still do this?

A. Absolutely. All are welcome. There will be many levels of expression offered.

Q. I’m shy. Will I have to speak out loud or share?

A. No. There will be a few invitations to share, but no have-tos.

Q. I can only make (x number) of the classes live. Is that ok?

A. Yes, you can attend as many as you like live or watch them later as recordings. You will have access to the recordings no matter what.

Q. I’m not very techie. How tech-savvy do I need to be to participate?

A. Not very. The sessions are offered through Zoom. You will simply click a link to join and enter the secret password.

Q. Will you do this again?

A. I don’t answer this question. It’s my New Year’s Resolution (but I have no plans to do this again).

Q. My question isn’t here. How do I ask it?

A. Email us at [email protected]


*If you feel very called to join but cannot afford the $225, please email us at [email protected] as soon as possible.

** The email will be sent to the email address you enter at registration. Please be sure to enter the correct email address.


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