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  • An Online Coven for Dreamers, Witches, Storytellers, and Wildlings

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    Ours is potent medicine, the elixir of ceremony, the salve of story, and the bittersweet home-brew of wildcrafted spell-work and rebellious ritual. Join Danielle Dulsky online for this unique moon-by-moon journey through our eternal becoming. Each month, the collective convenes virtually for 60-90 minutes. Danielle, often accompanied by other members of The Hag School Council, will lead members through personal mythwork, embodied rituals of divination, manifestation, gratitude, and grief, and wild story ceremony. Here, our witchery is the art of weaving sovereignty with belonging, an eternal and intuitive dance with the cosmic infinite.

    Join live or view the recording at your convenience. Participants have access to the collective’s “portal page” where all information, including the “Wild Remembrances” or summary notes and recommended resources from each session, are posted. Members also receive discounts on other offerings through The Hag School and priority registration opportunities for retreats, courses, and trainings.

    Register for $23/month here on The Hag School site.

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