Woman Most Wild

Woman Most Wild
Liberating the Witch Within

Woman Most Wild

By Danielle Dulsky – Coming May 2017 from New World Library
Woman Most Wild is a fierce, raw, and unapologetic affirmation of women’s spiritual freedom. This book offers women lush glimpses of and open pathways to Wild Woman Spirituality, the non-religious and fully accessible practice of soulful, nature-born sensuality, magick and ritual, and sisterhood. Reclaiming the name of Witch as both a wild woman as well as a compassionate global healer, this book asks the reader to consider spiritual liberation by way of the “three keys to the broom closet.”

12 Week Companion Course: Woman Most Wild Rising

Through Wild Rhythm, or the acknowledgment of how nature’s cycles inform those within women’s lives, Wild Ritual, or the practical and magickal crafting of personally relevant spells, and Wild Circle, the communal practice of sisterhood and feminine communication, women are charged to reclaim their birthright as change-agents in our wounded world. In proposing that “wildness” be considered not as immaturity but as a firm validation of women’s unique connection to nature, cyclical rhythms, and embodiment of sensual spirituality, this book offers the reader fertile opportunities for nourishing the starving feminine spirit. The embrace of the wild is a sweet but challenging homecoming, and this book offers women a much-needed touchstone in the rushing, winding river of feminist spirituality.


Woman Most Wild Rising