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    300-Hour Teacher Training

    Please note, for a few reasons, 2020 will be the last year Danielle will lead yoga teacher trainings. More information coming soon on new immersion experiences, in-depth online courses, and wild retreats. Enrollment in the 300-hour program is closing in 2019, but Danielle will hold immersions through 2020 to ensure everyone graduates who is looking to complete the program.

    The 300-hour program is grounded firmly in nature’s rhythms as they affect the human body, psyche, and divine feminine spiritual practice. There are four immersions, one per season, in the 300-hour program, and each 7-day immersion is one-quarter of the entire program. The seasonal “Rasas” may be taken out of order, and you have two years to complete the entire program. Each immersion can be taken for personal development purposes, without pursuit of registry with the Yoga Alliance. However, if you are looking for certification, you MUST have a 200-hour certificate from a “Registered Yoga School” (RYS). You do not need to have taken the Living Mandala Yoga 200-hour training in order to enroll in the advanced program. Danielle is leading the 300-hour program both at her home studio, The Moon House in Phoenixville, PA, and at The House of Aum in Yellow Springs, Ohio. For information and dates about the House of Aum training, please visit their site here.

    Rasa of Resting in Darkness: Winter Immersion (February 16th-22nd)
    Required Text: The Mist-Filled Path by Frank McKeowen
    The Winter Rasa works with the Celtic Goddess archetypes of Badb, Sheila-Na-Gig, and Brighid as we midwife the Crone-to-Maiden transition before Imbolc. We work with the void between the dark to new moon phase, honoring movement as ritual, teacher as space-holder, and the feminine as flame-tender and change-agent.

    Rasa of Fertile Ground: Spring Immersion (April 13th-19th)
    Required Text: Aphrodite’s Daughters by Jamela Bonheim
    The Spring Rasa’s curriculum honors the inner Maiden, with a strong emphasis on creative work, sensuality, the new moon phase of dawning manifestation, and embodied experience. We discuss ancestral knowledge, feminine wounds, and conscious creativity, working with the Goddess archetypes of Achtland, Rhiannon, and Macha.

    Rasa of Fruition: Summer Immersion (July 13th-19th)
    Required Text: Weaving the Visions by Judith Plaskow and Carol Christ
    The Summer Rasa is ambitious, as we honor the roles of enjoyment and play in our Craft. We move through significant spell-work for manifestation, healing, and gratitude, and we frame the teacher as an accessible source of inspiration for students. In working with honoring the full moon phase as well as the Goddesses Aine, Danu, and Madb, we discuss feminine spirituality, declaring and invoking our hopes for the world of the future.

    Rasa of the Abundant Harvest: Autumn Immersion (September 14th-20th)
    Required Text: Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George
    The Autumn Rasa is quite intense, and this is the only of the four Rasas that we do not recommend starting with. There is substantial shadow and wound-work, and we work with the darker Goddess archetypes of the Cailleach, Cerridwyn, and the Morrigan. We discuss death ritual, the waning moon, the Great Exhale in the wheel of the year, and the importance of honoring our ancestors in our practice.

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