Online Offerings

  • Embodied Witchcraft Online Mini-Course: Sensual Expression and Movement Alchemy in Witchcraft

    The House of Twigs: School of Ritual

    Visit the House of Twigs: School of Ritual to view complete curriculum.

  • These Bones, This Blood

    Word-Witchery Mentorship

    These bones are mine. This blood is mine. This soul is mine. These words are mine.

    Beginning in January 2019 and for a limited time only, Danielle is offering one-on-one writing mentorship via two pathways. The “These Bones” mentorship is limited to three months and includes one, two hour session each month ($700 for three months). The “This Blood” mentorship is limited to six months and includes one two-hour session each month ($1200 for six months). For either pathway, there are approximately 2 hours of work each week outside of the online sessions. To apply, please email via the contact form on this site, introduce yourself, and briefly explain why you believe this mentorship would be right for you.

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