300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Advanced Level)

From a Tantric perspective, all women are embodiments of feminine power or Shakti. The 300-hour program uses Goddess archetypes to garner a deeper understanding of the sacred self, the teacher, Circle-Craft, and the global community. Learning in this program occurs through deep discussion, communal practices, some serious soul-work, and creative alchemy.

This program is sourced from the belief that the global community is being marked by increasing gender equity, human rights awareness, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility, with the role of yogins in these positive changes being absolutely paramount. This training is a journey of authentic, goddess-awakening, through which all students discover their unique soul-work, live their goddess-based archetypes, and cultivate authentic connection through feminine communication and co-creation.

Program Elements

  • The Fire Book- Personal journal, space to record thoughts, dreams, musings, doodles, fantasies (meow), and, hell, anything. This is where the fires start.
  • Fire-Place- Sacred (confidential, safe) space for yoga (self-transformation practice) as ritual
  • Fire-Starters- Journaling questions, sharp-edged quotes and images, practice prompts
  • Sparks- Creative work (writing, story-telling, intuitive painting, etc.)
  • Wild-Fires- Communal practices of asana, pranayama, chanting, dancing, free movement, sense-driven experience
  • Breaking and Sealing- We “break” open each module, usually through ritual (Fire-Place), at the start and we “seal” each module at the end, usually through practice (wild-fire)

Director’s Teaching Philosophy

The teacher training meetings are conducted as women’s circles as often as possible; this means we honor the principles of feminine communication, make use of a talking stick, and honor each sister-students’ perspective as sacred. We learn holistically, through yogic movement, emotion, creative work, ceremony, meditation, communal talk, stillness, and silence. The director believes that learning is most meaningful when it emerges from the circle of sisters in a non-hierarchical, open, and truth-based way.

Program Entry Requirements

This program is for BOTH graduates of a 200-hour program looking to graduate from an advanced program to obtain their RYT500 designation from Yoga Alliance as well as any woman who values yoga as an important part of her life pursuing the program for personal development purposes. You do not need to be actively teaching in order to enroll. Students pursue entry in this program for a variety of reasons, including a desire to deepen their personal yoga practice, join a community of fellow sister-teachers, dive into the deep waters of pathworking and journaling in order to move closer to her soul purpose, train to run a community women’s circle, enrich her teacher practice through creative infusions, discover the value of co-teaching, or forge relationships between asana, ceremony/ritual, and the divine feminine.

Program Schedule

The 300-hour schedule is inspired by seasonal rhythms. There are twelve modules total (11 at 23 Hours and 1 at 12 hours = 265), grouped together with three modules per season. The modules can be taken out of order, and there is no obligation to complete the full program. However, if you are pursuing certification, the entire training, all four seasons, must be completed within the space of two years. Beginning January 2017, this program will be offered via immersion-style ONLY, with an seven-day intensive every season.


Seasonal Rasas

Rasa of the Abundant Harvest: Autumn Immersion

September 16th- 22nd, 8am-6pm
Required Text: Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetri

Module I: Kali’s Rasa: Fear-Releasing and Yoga Practice

  • Personal wound-work, Asana for releasing the psoas (fear-muscle), Fear-release and self-designed ceremony, the Dark Goddess archetype and personal myth writing
  • The waning moon phase of the cycle and Shanti Rasa, Yoga and surrender, Kali meditation, Sword Ritual, Sadhana for Kali

Module II: Lilith’s Rasa: Claiming Power and Yoga Practice

  • Yoga, women, and solitude; Lilith’s Mala; Wound cycles
  • Creating a Lilith circle; rage-releasing techniques, personal power sources, power ceremony

Module III: Cerridwyn’s Rasa: Waves of Lightness and Darkness in Yoga Practice

  • Death and rebirth in yoga practice; raising awareness of women’s cycles
  • Cauldron of Transformation meditation; Kriyas for Change; the Crone/Wise-Elder aspect of the goddess; Teaching multi-generational yoga classes for women

Rasa of Resting in Darkness: Winter Immersion (2018)

January 13th-19th, 8am-6pm

Required Text: Nature and the Human Soul by Bill Plotkin

Module I: Shakti’s Rasa: Seeking the Divine Feminine in Yoga Practice

  • Harvesting divine feminine energy and the Kundalini; Creative work for sacral awareness; Shiva-Shakti and Tantra
  • Balancing the Mukti and Bukti; Stillness and the Dark Moon Phase

Module II: Hestia’s Rasa: Hearth-Holding and Yogic Space

  • Retreat Design; Women’s Circle Crafting; the Yoga Teacher and accessibility
  • Ethical practice and the sacred feminine; Altar Creation; Yoga as Ritual

Module III: Lakshmi’s Rasa: Claiming Abundance

  • Feminine currency principles; the “Soul of Money” project; Manifesting Change
  • Lakshmi’s Ritual; the Earth element and yoga for grounding; the Soul-Work project for sustainable teaching
  • Authenticity and Wealth Creation, Reconciling Healer’s Work with Money

Rasa of Fertile Ground- Spring Immersion (2018)

April 21st- 27th, 8am-6pm
Required Texts: Aphrodite’s Daughters by Jamela Bonheim

Module I: Saraswati’s Rasa: Cultivating Creativity in Yoga Practice

  • Creative Infusion, Personal Myth Work, Yoga Practice as Ritual, Women’s Circle Principles, Feminine Communication
  •  Bhava and Asana as Story, Incorporating Creative Work (Journaling, Painting, Claywork, etc.) into Yoga Practice, Integrating Yoga Practice into Women’s Circles for Social Change

Module II: Freya’s Rasa: Sacred Sexuality and Yoga for Women

  • Sacral Chakra Dialogues, Yoga for Sacral Wholing, Womb Rituals, The Sacral Story
  • Soul-Hearing, Bardic Circle, The Water Element, Balancing Kapha

Module III: Aphrodite’s Rasa: Honoring the Heart-Light

  • Exploring the Sacral-Heart Connection, Women’s Council Work, Kriyas for the Sacral-Heart Bridge
  • Holding the Sacral-Heart Council, Yoga and the Alchemical Goddess, Pathways to Dream Manifestation

Rasa of Fruition- Summer Immersion (2018)

June 16th-22nd, 8am-6pm
Required Text: Waking the Global Heart by Anodea Judith

Module I: Brigid’s Rasa: Inspiration and the Yogini’s Path

  • Harvesting personal values for more authentic teaching, the Dream World practice, Personal Council work, Inspiring global change through yoga teaching
  • The full moon (fruition) phase, Sringara Rasa, cycles of fullness, the Fire element and tapas

Module II: Sophia’s Rasa: Wisdom and the Eternal Student

  • Women’s relationships, the Womanifesto
  • Teaching for Change

Module III: Artemis’ Rasa: Claiming Selfhood in Teaching Practice

  • Personal Council Project and one-on-one Councils with the Director


Tuition and Payments

Each “Rasa” is $725 in 2017. Beginning in 2018, each Rasa is $800. If you enrolled before 12/1/2017, you are “grandmothered” into the old tuition, and each seasonal Rasa is still $725 until you graduate. Payment is due in full 2 weeks before the Rasa begins.

How to Register

Danielle is always open to any questions and can be reached via email at Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com. Email for complete registration packet.