200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Basic Level)

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Deep-Dive into the Wild Feminine

Both the basic and advanced programs are soul-based, meaning each student discovers the elements of yoga practice which are sourced from their passions, desires, wounds, and purpose in order to create a teaching practice that aligns with their soul. Both programs are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance. The following description is for the basic, 200-hour program.

Program Philosophy

We all harbor a deep and in-the-blood longing for the wilds, a humbling thirst for nature-intimacy and embodied spirituality. The feminine aspects of our psyches are nourished by alchemizing movement, the elements, and living ritual, with a pivotal moment arriving in our journeys when the visceral desire for such wild sustenance can no longer be denied. The Witch in everyone knows what it means to come home to the wilds, to seek, find, and remove all obstacles to her ancestral inheritance that is her truest freedom.

The programs I offer were all born of my own desire to go home, to move inward and outward in a tireless quest for spiritual belonging. Both Witchcraft and yoga have offered me myriad opportunities for exploring the deeper, more apparently perilous aspects of my soulful uniqueness, and both paths have spiraled around and through each other like a sacred, double helix my passions, wounds, and work have traced since I was a Maiden with brighter eyes and a softer heart. The contents of these offerings are rooted in my own journey, the ever-expanding lens through which I inevitably see my world, and I am constantly reflecting and reexamining my beliefs to ensure they remain my own. For now, what I do and do not believe is this:

As a teacher, I believe in co-creating the learning experience with those who are drawn to my work. I do not believe in hierarchical leader-follower relationships; these serve no one. I believe in circles of communal magick and embodied power. I do not believe in power over others. I believe in the world-changing merit of a woman’s story, though I do not believe we owe anyone our stories. I believe in the possibility of a more socially just, post-colonial world in which all beings alive today strive to remedy the ills of the past and weave a brighter, bolder fabric from the gifts we have been given. I believe our world can heal, and I believe our planet will forgive us.

As a Witch, I believe spirituality to be experienced in the body and on the mother-loving ground. Our abilities to feel, to taste, and to connect to this earthly experience are our greatest assets and truest resources, and to admonish the body, the emotions, and our more primal, human traits is to sever the beauty and the juice from our divinity. We can be compassionate creatures without dismissing our feeling flesh. We can be at once wise and wild, and we can be healers who are still, ourselves, healing our many, many wounds.

The programs described herein are all undergirded by the firm belief that we are here, on this Earth and in this incarnation, in order to be the most authentic version of ourselves we can be at all times. We are not here to ascend only toward all-things-spirit. We are here to descend deeply into our selfhood, to claim sovereignty, and to uncover the dirt-laden treasures hidden in the most shadowy caves of our psychic landscapes. If you feel called dig deep and hand-build bridges between spirit and body, between magick and desire, if you hope to explore, with great curiosity and a good deal of playfulness, how you are an in-the-skin conversation with the Mystery, read on. I believe our Craft, our yoga, our everyday rituals, and our practical enchantments are integral aspects of how we use our voice, our art, and our physical form to howl moonward the values we hope to see embedded in the world of the future.

The foundational, 200-hour yoga teacher training is open to any seeker looking to deepen his/her yoga practice in a personally meaningful (soul-full) way. Designed to facilitate awareness of how yogic experiences are part of each student’s soul-work, the curriculum focuses on (and then extends far beyond) basic principles of asana alignment, teaching methodology, class sequencing, energy healing, and designing a teaching practice. This program also focuses on integration of the “wild feminine” in yoga practice, working with the Wheel of the Year, lunar cycles, and the Triple Goddess archetype to shape a unique personal and teaching practice.

Program Methodology

Your wild soul designed this life for you before you were born, and your deepest wounds and darkest shadows are as essential to your nature as your perfect passions and sacred gifts. The Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs are called “soul-based” in order to distinguish them from more “spirit” driven programs which focus on ego-transcendence, the “light-worker” mentality, and “higher consciousness.” Our programs are grounded in descending the ego as much as ascending the ego; we believe emotions are holy gateways to self-transformation, enjoyment in life (bhukti) is just as essential as spiritual liberation (mukti), and that every yoga teacher must uniquely craft her philosophy based on the components of their life’s purpose (The LIGHT: Passions, Gifts, Spiritual Beliefs AND the DARK: wounds, regrets, and all that softens your ego and shifts your identity). We frame yoga broadly, in terms of seeking out obstacles to freedom and removing them. The practical components of our program are based on the student as a whole being, body, mind, and spirit, and we integrate movement alchemy, magick, body-prayer, energy-work, spell-craft, deep creative dives, circle-craft, and ritual into learning. More specifically, the teaching methods applied include but are not limited to the following:

Council and Circles: Counseling each other is a key part of Vidya (clear-seeing) and enhances feminine communication skills. The future is circular, and time is a spiral.
Altar-Building: We are constantly building and co-creating altars as symbolic action and to honor ancestors, elements, and, less often, Goddess archetypes
Spell-Craft and Ritual: We frame spell-work as the conversation you are having with the world about the kind of future you want for the world’s children, and we frame yoga as a moving ritual.
Communal Creative Work and Mandala Making: We frequently paint/collage together to channel the prana-shakti energy, bolster third-eye balance, and generally take us out of our left-brain/logical thinking
Divination: Every day, we have a morning and evening oracle; this is a check-in circle of sorts during which we draw cards, work with pendulums, or other “wilder” forms of divination in order to gain clarity on the present moment, on the work we have done, and on whatever cosmic guidance we are receiving.
Pathworking: We do quite a bit of guided meditation in order to work with ancestral, animal, and spirit guides.
Personal Mythwork: This is a method of sense-making and story-telling. We use personal mythwork quite a lot during our movement practices in order to gain clarity on where we have been and where we are.
Psychodrama: We frame yoga broadly as “seeking out obstacles to freedom and removing them,” and we engage in several group practices for removing these “obstacles” within our psyche in order to manifest our sacred work
Wildfire Teaching Practices: These are communal teaching practices through which all students become the teacher for a portion of the class. These are beautiful, organic rituals of co-created movement, intention-setting, and power-raising.
Project Portfolio: Over the course of the training, there are several “projects” we complete during the immersion; these are all aimed at integrating your yoga with your sacred work and include workshop design, circle design, mini retreat design, and private class offerings.
Integration Plan: We conclude the immersion with a plan for integrating the knowledge learned into your “real life.” In many ways, this is the most important piece of the curriculum, as it is your channel for manifesting what you have learned.
Synthesis: Each immersion concludes with a synthesis, or final, cumulative assessment. I do collect these and keep them on file as evidence of your participation.
Heart Project and Rasa Project: The Heart Project is the final project for the 200-hour training, and it is not “due” until you are ready to graduate. This project focuses on you getting your sacred work out into the community in a personally relevant and meaningful way. The Rasa Project is the final project for the 300-hour program, and it is an amplified version of the Heart Project through which you are creating as many “ripples” as possible in the global fabric through your sacred work.

2019 200-Hour Training

The 200-hour program is split into two, 9-day immersions. Wild Roots MUST BE TAKEN FIRST and focuses on the foundational elements of the program as well as the Earth, Water, and Fire elements. In addition to the methodological components described above, Wild Roots includes shadow-work, body-prayer design, yogic history and philosophy, physical and subtle body anatomy, and significant instruction on supporting individual asana expression. Wild Rise can only be taken after Wild Roots is completed and focuses on the Air and Ether elements. In addition to the methodological components described above, Wild Rise includes significant circle-craft training and embodied sacred work discussion. You have two years to complete both Wild Roots and Wild Rise, and graduates of the entire program are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.
This program is open to anyone who has at least one year’s worth of on-the-mat yoga experience. Students pursue this program for a wide range of reasons, often not looking to actually teach yoga upon completion. Program entrants may be looking to engage in meaningful self-discovery, fill in gaps in yoga philosophy understanding, connect body to spirit, develop a more embodied practice of their Craft, forge connections between asana and creative work and/or spiritual devotion, and/or find a community of fellow seekers who will support the student in moving closer to his/her soul’s purpose. All who feel called are invited to apply. Due to limited space and the value of an intimate learning community, only 8 students are accepted in each immersion.

2019 200-Hour Immersion Dates

Wild Roots (Part 1): January 19th-27th
Wild Rise (Part 2): March 16th-24th (Strong Preference for October 2018 Wild Roots Attendees)
Wild Rise (Part 2): June 15th-23rd

Tuition for 200-Hour Program

Special Note: Danielle is extending the 2018 tuition prices through 8/1. If you register AND pay in full by 8/1, 200-hour tuition is $1,900.

The 200-hour program tuition is $2,600, with each immersion (Wild Roots and Wild Rise) being $1,300. Please note that the tuition does not include accommodations, the “firebook” or personal journal, or textbooks, but all other materials are provided. The payment options are as follows, but please see the “Policies” section for information about deposits and refunds.

Option 1: If you plan to complete the program in a single year, full tuition, if paid up-front, is $2,300 ($300 discount). You will need to let us know what immersions you are planning to attend.

Option 2: You can pay per immersion, with the full $1,300 due approximately 6 weeks before the immersion begins (exact dates vary). A $500 deposit will hold your place (non-refundable) until the full $1,300 or the remaining $800 becomes due. You are welcome to set up regular monthly payments for the post-deposit balance if you like, but we do not require this.



How to Register

Your spot is held when your paperwork has been received and processed along with either your initial deposit ($500) or the total tuition for the immersion. Email for a registration packet (or with any questions) at Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com.