Wild Woman Spirituality

Danielle’s work is grounded in Wild Woman Spirituality. In 2018, she is working primarily out of her magickal studio, The Moon House, in Phoenixville, PA. Events at The Moon House include yoga teacher training, moon circles, women’s circles, continuing education events for yoga teachers, and seasonal Wolf-Woman Camps. See below for more information on these and other events.

11/19, 8am-6pm. Circle-Craft for Yoga Teachers: A Continuing Education Event.

This is a 10-hour intensive focusing on the ethical integration of circle-work, feminine ritual, body-prayer, and communal spell-craft into traditional asana classes. Space is limited to 9 wild ones. $399 until full. Register here.

12/10, 9:30am-11:30am. December Women’s Circle: Resting in the Void. Space is limited to 13 women. $20 until full. Register here.

12/17, 10am-5pm. Wolf-Woman Winter Camp and Witches’ Yule Market: Gather under the new Long Night’s Moon for a day of Yuletide ritual, gift-making, and story-sharing…. Stay AFTER camp for The Witches’ Yule Market!

10am-11:30am Vision-Weaving and Fire-Keeping: We will discuss the “Hearth-Keeper” archetype in relationship to the subtle energies and resources available to the wild feminine at Solstice.

12-2:30pm Gift-Making and Prophecy: In keeping with the original Yuletide “gift-givers,” Shamans who would give prophecies to their communities about the year to come, we will create several “divination” gifts in circle for ourselves, for each other, for our loved ones, for strangers, for our local communities, and for the wounded world.

2:30-3pm Yulelog Blessing and Firepit Ritual followed by homemade Witches’ eggnog (non-alchoholic will be avilable) and sweet treats.

The early-bird price of $108 includes all materials (but please bring a carry bag for all your goodies) until 12/1. If there is still room on 12/1, price increases to $149. Registration closes on 12/15 OR after 13 women have registered.

3pm-5pm Witches’ Yule Market (FREE for those attending camp): Secret Witches’ Yule Market at the Moon House. ‘Tis the season to be hedge-witching. Shhhhhh…. Only invite the wild and wiley, the most mischievous mystics, voracious vixens, and broom-riders.

From 3-5pm, after Wolf-Woman Winter Camp, after the Yule logs have burned and the homemade eggnog has been brewed and served, hang out and support five of my favorite Witches, wild women who really know their Craft. Their bringing their homemade magick just for you.

The Moon House will be graced by Faery Queen Jess from Solstice Moon Apothecary: Offerings include essential oil blend rollers, beard & body oil droppers, essential oil diffuser bracelets with healing crystals, and other funky stuff.

The incomparable Shine Blackhawk from Juju gypsy: Hand crafted and Witch made ritual oils to adorn thyself and magickal Myrr~maid baths for your enchantment.

The dreaded serpentine Priestess Janine Morris of Into the Sun Tattoos: Elixirs (body & bath oil), Hair and body mist, Chapsticks, Small Intuitive paintings (5×5), Braid in synthetic dreads.

Womb-Witch Ashley Jacobs of Sisters of the Moon 113: Hand-made Blessings Wreaths made with fresh herbs and magikal crystals, all infused with reiki, a variety of Smudge Sticks, and Moon Packs made with fresh lavender and sage to add healing and relaxation to sore muscles. And we will also have our tarot card deck available to get an energy reading.

Herbal Wise Woman and Crystal Whisperer Olivia Hamilton Jones: (Details coming soon, but it’s going to be epic)

LIVE MUSIC by Jennifer Rodriguez while you sip and shop.

Other goodies include yoni-shaped burning bowls made by the sexiest man alive, lavender essences by Lisa M, some mystery goodness from me, and other (as yet unseen) surprises.

2 Ways to Get In:

1. Attend Wolf-Woman Winter Camp and you’re automatically in.
2. Grab a ticket for $5 to attend the Yule Market only. I’ll have eggnog and cookies for you. It will be worth it. Trust me.

Full Camp and Yule Market tix here.

Yule Market ONLY tix here.

Location is Phoenixville, PA. Exact address disclosed after registration.

Also at The Moon House: See the Yoga Teacher Training page for complete 2018 training information or email Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com for a registration packet.

What is Wild Woman Spirituality?

Wild Woman Spirituality is a ground-swelling, grassroots, and Gaia-loving movement through which women throughout the global community are reclaiming feminine, spiritual authenticity. A hallmark of Wild Woman Spirituality is the inseparable connection between sensuality and spirituality. Wild Woman Spirituality is a dynamic, watery path that ebbs and flows, and there are no concrete, tried-and-true initiation rituals for dedicating yourself to the practice; it is not a religion, and our temples are very often the forest, the coast, and/or the sacred women’s circle.

To be “wild” does not mean to be out of control, emotionally volatile, selfish, and lacking in compassion; conversely, to be wild means to be thoroughly and unapologetically whole in soul, body, mind, and spirit. The wild woman’s practices often include sensual, movement alchemy, generative creative work, and deep attendance to intuition. Her keen understanding of nature’s rhythms and the ways the solar and lunar cycles live in her often calls her to name herself “Witch” as a reclamation of the sensual, creative, and wise healer who is at once Maiden, Mother, and Crone. We engage in Circle-Craft when we are called to join other women on their journeys, and we relish our solitude and independence as well. While our work is to bolster and empower the feminine, we also acknowledge the hearty value of the sacred masculine. We stand for self-transformation, social change, environmental healing, and conscious connection. We are women of the wild because we know the human community’s ecological position within the wounded world and, quite naturally, yearn for greater integration between our individuality and our global interconnectivity. We want conscious, collective, and pan-gender connection between body and spirit, feminine and masculine, and nature and human.

Read the 10 Commandments of the Wild Priestess: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2016/05/25/danielledulsky-heathen/