Wild Woman Spirituality

Danielle’s work is grounded in Wild Woman Spirituality. In addition to her local offerings in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, she is now booking workshops and talks for 2017 nationwide in the United States and the United Kingdom. Her book Woman Most Wild will be published by New World Library in the Spring of 2017. Email Info@LivingMandalaYoga.com for more information and/or visit the Booking page.

What is Wild Woman Spirituality?

Wild Woman Spirituality is a ground-swelling, grassroots, and Gaia-loving movement through which women throughout the global community are reclaiming feminine, spiritual authenticity. A hallmark of Wild Woman Spirituality is the inseparable connection between sensuality and spirituality. We have been taught that sex and spirit sleep must sleep in separate beds, but the wild woman knows better…. Wild Woman Spirituality is a dynamic, watery path that ebbs and flows, and there are no concrete, tried-and-true initiation rituals for dedicating yourself to the practice; it is not a religion, and our temples are very often the forest, the coast, and/or the sacred women’s circle.

To be “wild” does not mean to be out of control, emotionally volatile, selfish, and lacking in compassion; conversely, to be wild means to be thoroughly and unapologetically whole in soul, body, mind, and spirit. The wild woman’s practices often include sensual, movement alchemy, generative creative work, and deep attendance to intuition. Her keen understanding of nature’s rhythms and the ways the solar and lunar cycles live in her often calls her to name herself “Witch” as a reclamation of the sensual, creative, and wise healer who is at once Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

There is no one way to be a Witch, for the wild is unpredictable. We honor the cyclical nature of our spirituality just as we do that of our sexuality and creativity. We design our own rituals and work our own magick. We engage in Circle-Craft when we are called to join other women on their journeys, and we relish our solitude and independence as well. While our work is to bolster and empower the feminine, we also acknowledge the hearty value of the sacred masculine. We stand for self-transformation, social change, environmental healing, and conscious connection. We are women of the wild because we know the human community’s ecological position within the wounded world and, quite naturally, yearn for greater integration between our individuality and our global interconnectivity. We want conscious, collective, and pan-gender connection between body and spirit, feminine and masculine, and nature and human. We see sacred sexuality as holy, and we see divinity in the wild.

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