Private Soul Magick Vidya Sessions

Psychic - Phoenixville, PA

Danielle offers one-on-one sessions via Zoom, Facetime, or phone. She will be offering one-on-one sessions again in Autumn for the Harvest, Blood, and Ancestors Moon cycles. Booking will open in August.

These are not typical “coaching” sessions, nor are they psychic readings. Soul-Magick Vidya sessions are deep and witchy dives into your purpose and your passions which MAY include some of the following:

Co-created ceremonies to mark healing or transition, sacred wound and ego-growth pattern recognition, connection with spirit guides, soul mothers, and ancestors, chakra dialogue, distance healing via reiki, tarot reading(s), planning and strategy for the dream vision, co-created spellwork for manifestation, protection, and healing, deep assessment of personal values systems, personal plans for fortifying the bridge between sensuality/body and spirituality/divine.

Read about the sessions below and pay particular mind to the preparatory work for each session. You must begin with the Earth session and then move to Water and Fire. If you are willing do the prep work, Danielle will go to hell and back and with you.


The Earth Session

The Earth element provides the fertile ground for transformation. During this session, we delve into your past in order to harvest your purpose in the moment, gain clarity over important life areas including home/money/finances, career, love and relationship, physical and mental-emotional health, and spiritual connectivity, AND align your internal energies with those that surround you. In order to prepare for this foundational session, you will be asked to complete a 5 page (and highly non-traditional) questionnaire in addition to completing a mini-ceremony to mark the transition into soul-work (both of these sets of instructions will be sent to you once payment is received).

Power Symbol - Reiki

The Water Session

The Water element holds space for our emotional integrity, sensuality, and creativity. During this session, we will explore the role of creativity in your life, affording particular attention to your personal goals for transformation. This is the session where you are asked to get clear about what you really want, given all that you know about this magick life your soul designed for you. In preparation for the Water Session, you are asked to design and complete a one-week sadhana (spiritual practice) and questionnaire (instructions sent once payment is received).


The Fire Session

Fire is an intense and ego-destroying element. During the Fire session, we examine all the work we have done so far and co-create high-energy plans for moving forward. This is the session where goals and objectives are outlined. Danielle will work with you in designing an intention ceremony for surrendering your vision to the universal energies and crafting a personal sadhana to keep you steady on your path. In preparation, you are asked to create a vision board (The “Fire Board”) and complete a questionnaire (instructions emailed once payment is received). This session MAY also include Wild Quest design and the Soul Marriage ceremony.

Soul-Magick Vidya Sessions (60 Minutes)

How to schedule your first Earth Session:

  1. Choose your appointment time here: Danielle’s Calendar
  2. Pay using the link below.
  3. Email Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com from your preferred email address, and you’ll receive the preparatory packet.

Session Fee: $175.00 for a single session or $499 for all three.
For your convenience, online payment is available prior to your visit below.

Single Session Payment: $175.00

All Three Sessions Payment: $499.00

For legal purposes, we must inform you that any psychic and mediumistic components of the sessions are for entertainment purposes only. These sessions are not substitutes for professional advice including but not limited to legal, medical, psychological, or financial. You must be 18 years of age to book a session. By booking and purchasing a session, you are acknowledging that any decisions you make as a result of the reading are done of your own free will. Danielle Dulsky, Living Mandala Yoga LLC, and Ocean, Earth, Wind, and Fire are not liable for any decisions made following a session.