New Wild Roots Training Date Added

The January Wild Roots immersion was pure magick. We’ve added another date for Part I of the 200-hour program in Autumn of 2017 (October 7th-15th). Please visit the teacher training page for more information. Space is limited, and registration is open.

Quickening Moon Vidya Sessions

Danielle will be offering one-on-one Vidya Sessions for the Quickening Moon cycle in February. Visit the Soul-Work page for details.

Wolf-Woman Spring Camp Event

3/18 and 3/19 at Ocean, Earth, Wind, and Fire in Phoenixville, PA This is a two-day, five workshop event, and all wild and open-minded women are welcome! Space is limited, so register early. ♥ Saturday, 3/18 11am-1pm: Her Transformation Opening ritual and personal mythwork using the Butterfly Maiden archetype. 1:30-3:30: Her Vision Cacao ceremony, fire-board creation, and circle blessing. 4-6pm: Her Ritual Witches’ egg hunt and group divination Sunday, 3/19 8:30-10:30: Her Body Prayer Fairy tale revisioning and communal yoga practice 10:45-12pm: Her Vows Wand-making and final manifestation ritual. Pricing and Registration: Early-Bird Deadline is 2/14/17. All workshops are $55 each if paid for individually. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/55 Full camp (both days, all five workshops) is $225 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/225 Full-day Saturday camp is $125 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/125 Full-day Sunday camp is $100 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/100 After 2/14/17, all workshops are $55 each (full-day Saturday is $165; full-day Sunday is $110). Email Danielle with any questions at Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com.

Wolf-Woman Winter Solstice Circle

December 16th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

All wild, open-minded women are welcome to our Winter Solstice gifting circle. We are writing our vows for the coming year, working some global prosperity magick, and exchanging gifts.