Quickening Moon Vidya Sessions

Danielle will be offering one-on-one Vidya Sessions for the Quickening Moon cycle in February. Visit the Soul-Work page for details.

Wolf-Woman Spring Camp Event

3/18 and 3/19 at Ocean, Earth, Wind, and Fire in Phoenixville, PA This is a two-day, five workshop event, and all wild and open-minded women are welcome! Space is limited, so register early. ♥ Saturday, 3/18 11am-1pm: Her Transformation Opening ritual and personal mythwork using the Butterfly Maiden archetype. 1:30-3:30: Her Vision Cacao ceremony, fire-board creation, and circle blessing. 4-6pm: Her Ritual Witches’ egg hunt and group divination Sunday, 3/19 8:30-10:30: Her Body Prayer Fairy tale revisioning and communal yoga practice 10:45-12pm: Her Vows Wand-making and final manifestation ritual. Pricing and Registration: Early-Bird Deadline is 2/14/17. All workshops are $55 each if paid for individually. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/55 Full camp (both days, all five workshops) is $225 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/225 Full-day Saturday camp is $125 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/125 Full-day Sunday camp is $100 BEFORE 2/14/17. PayPal.Me/LivingMandalaYoga/100 After 2/14/17, all workshops are $55 each (full-day Saturday is $165; full-day Sunday is $110). Email Danielle with any questions at Info@LivingMandalaYoga.Com.

Wolf-Woman Winter Solstice Circle

December 16th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

All wild, open-minded women are welcome to our Winter Solstice gifting circle. We are writing our vows for the coming year, working some global prosperity magick, and exchanging gifts.

Annual Dumb Supper Event

October 21st, 6:30-9pm

All wild (and open-minded) women are welcome to our 7th annual Dumb Supper. Dumb Suppers are solemn rituals of remembrance. You are asked to bring a guest to our table who has passed over to Spirit, and to bring their favorite food. (Optional: You may also read something in their memory and let us know their favorite song so we can put it on our playlist). Space for the living is limited. Please register early if you feel called to join us. $45.