Teacher Training Testimonials

“I originally signed up for Danielle’s 200 hour teacher training to deepen my yoga practice. It turned out to be a life changing experience. Not only did I become a yoga instructor but through Danielle’s deep soul guidance I discovered facets and parts of myself that I had no idea even existed. In January 2017, after completing my 200 hour RYT training I began my 300 hour hour intensive training. This training exceeded my expectations by a million. I feel completely grounded in my yoga teaching and practice but more importantly I feel I deep soul connection with myself.

The soul circle work, the yoga practices, the sharing with a beautiful group of women who are now sisters, brought me deeply into an understanding of my soul and my place in the world. I extend a deep bow of gratitude to Danielle for lighting my path.”

-Tracey, Phoenixville PA, 200 and 300 hour graduate

“I traveled to Danielle from Michigan and I would do it a thousand times over again. The journey that has re-ignited for me has no words to be able to describe it to the next generation of her students, but I will give it a try. My heart is leaping with the joy that I’ve rediscovered through the empowerment to stand fully in my Self on my soul path alongside the full embrace of the loving Goddess energies that came through via the space provided to me in Danielle’s crafted circles. It has been completely revolutionary, a life changing moment that makes me smile every time I now feel the recognized strength running through my veins. I’m forever grateful that she and her classes exist and for her support in saying you’ve got this!”

-Tara, Michigan, Current 300-hour student

“To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.” –Anodea Judith

This was me…2.5 years ago when I first began my journey of becoming a yoga teacher with Danielle Dulsky at the Living Mandala School of Yoga. I had just had my 3rd child, was balancing a demanding career as a psychotherapist and was struggling with significant post-partum anxiety as a result. I had lost the connection to my body, and was floating aimlessly from life stressor to life stressor. Danielle’s therapeutic, creative, thought provoking teaching style began to stir things up that—at times—were difficult to look at and accept about myself. I learned that I had no idea who I was, and had no practices of self-care to carry me through life’s continued winds and waves. As I began to see things more clearly, I found solace and support in a shared safe space with other women going through similar journeys. I found my voice which had been silent for so long and began watching myself create fearlessly for the first time in my life. This opening resulted in significant career changes and the gift of opportunity to combine my years as a psychotherapist with my new found love of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to serve other women struggling in similar ways at a local health care setting.

I could not have made the changes that I see in myself today, without the assistance of Danielle, her ingenious way of teaching body oriented processing and the many amazing women I met along the way that now have a piece of my heart. Beware: This is not asana-only yoga teacher training. Danielle will walk alongside you as you discover your own Eight Limbed path to freeing yourself from whatever keeps you yoked to suffering and Avidya. If you are looking for complete transformation physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually—this is the yoga teacher training for you.”

– Suzanne Fisher, MSW, LCSW, RYT-500, Phoenixville, PA, 200 and 300-hour graduate

“I have to pay homage to Danielle Dulsky, the wild wolf woman who demonstrated to me the difference between spirit and soul. I admire her ferocity and strength, her unapologetic authenticity and magic, not just as a yoga teacher, but as a woman pioneering what it means to be soulfully embodied in the world. Danielle didn’t just teach me, she showed me through her own glorious example. She held space for me to recognize my own magic and gently blew on my smouldering ashes until I was re-ignited. She is the example of an empowered woman that I’ve been searching for -a guide into my own fierce femininity, coaching me through learning to own the Divine rights of my fleshy existence. You have moved mountains for the women of the world, Danielle, and I am eternally grateful.”

-Nancy, Hatfield PA, 300-hour graduate

“I have been following Danielle’s writing for a while and always felt inspired. But upon entering a “dark night of the soul,” I felt called to go deeper into her advanced teacher training and it is like nothing else out there. Powerful, authentic and true medicine for the body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. I feel so blessed to be learning from and growing with Danielle and the amazing circle of women also called to this work at this time.”

-Bekah, Los Angeles, CA, Current Student

“I searched for the perfect 300 hour yoga teacher training for over five years. There are at least three advanced teacher training programs in my city. They weren’t for me, so I spent hours combing websites, requesting information, and doing phone interviews. Nothing I looked at felt inspired. I was growing hungry to study with a teacher in a community setting. In 2016 I found a training program that was willing to come to my town. I was thrilled! That meant I didn’t have to incur travel costs. Through this training, I was exposed to Tantric philosophy and it’s embrace of the Divine Feminine. I thought this was the inspired spark all the others had been missing. Unfortunately, the teacher cancelled the training two weeks prior to the start date.

I sat in grief for a few months. I thought I’d finally found the one, and I was wrong. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” kept running through my head, and I meditated on what I needed to do to be ready. During that meditation, I received a strange, but inspired, idea to type exactly what I wanted in a training into the Google search bar of my web browser. I typed in Yoga Teacher Training, Tantra, Divine Feminine…….I paused to see if there were any other words I needed to type before hitting “search,” and the word “witch” popped into my mind. I found this odd, but I had spent the last year exploring the magic of the Sabbats and the lunar cycle with a group of friends.

Of course Danielle popped up as the first choice. After returning back from my first Rasa with Danielle, I can say I would travel to the ends of the earth to study with this witch! It feels so amazing to be able to combine all of these areas of my life together—it’s as if the pieces are returning to the whole. Danielle created such a sacred container for this powerful work that our group was able to bond on so many levels. It feels so good to have a community of support again.

In the past when I have attended trainings or retreats, I’ve had difficulty returning to the “real world” and difficulty implementing what learned because of the busyness of everyday life. Danielle’s teacher training is equally awakening and grounded. I was able to create so many ideas during the training that I’ve already been able to put into practice.

I find myself both excited I have three more Rasas left, and sad that I have ONLY 3 more Rasas left. I’m considering returning in 2019 to do the 200 Hour training, simply because I would love to study with Danielle more and experience what it would be to have a foundational knowledge of this work.”

-Jodie, KY, Current 300-hour student

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